What is Scottish Country Dancing?

Well you don't have to be Scottish to do it, but you can definitely wear a kilt if you like.


Scottish Country Dance is a fun traditional social dance from Scotland (not to be confused with highland dancing which is done solo).


Usually 3 to 4 couples dance in a set (technical lingo for organised formation) typically in two lines (1 line of men and 1 line of women) facing each other.


The dance itself is made up of a few basic steps and patterns that you will get shown step by step. The dances range from slow and thoughtful strathspreys (very Scottish word) to fast, bouncy, exhausting jigs! But no matter what the speed is each new dance will get walked through many times before the music starts (Phew!).


No auditions required, it can be taught to anybody, no matter how tangled your feet get dancing usually.


Class every Thursday (6-8pm, Room 6, Leeds University union) (Starting 1st Oct 2015)

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Thursday 22nd October. 





Riley Smith Hall, Leeds University Union

Other info:

Come along to our Ceilidh and have a great time with our live band. Bring comfortable shoes. No previous experience necessary!! Only £5 - tickets available on the door.






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There will be classes every Thursday 6-8pm in Room 6  in University of Leeds Union.


Occasionally there may be changes, so keep an eye on our facebook group or can subscribe to our mailing list  for any updates.



After class we will be heading to the pub for a bit of a social...the first few weeks of term we will have a space in Old Bar, after that watch this space!


Class - pretty much every Thursday in term time in Room 6 from 6-8pm.


Thurs 22nd Oct – Ceilidh, 6.30pm-8.30pm, Riley Smith

(No class this week!)


Trip to Edinburgh ( Dates TBC)


Bowling night (Date TBC)


Mon 30th Nov – St Andrew’s Day Celebrations


Thurs 10th Dec – Christmas Meal